Relationships? Let's Talk About Them

Are you craving deeper & fuller relationships in your life?
Does it feel stressful thinking about changing or improving different relationships?
Do you which your relationships were more harmonious within the rest of your life?

Welcome to Breathe Easy, where easing the stress & enhancing life's relational spheres are the main goals. Through individually tailored strategies, skills designed to enhance communication, & encouragement for all to reach their unique goals, the aim is to promote personal growth within the context of healthier relationships.

Strengthen Communication.
Thrive in Your Relationships.
Lower Stress & Breathe Easier with Others.

Customizable Sessions

Prefer to dictate the process?

Create a customized experience that fits you just right. You can suggest a topic or idea, and I will help you develop and implement it collaboratively. Here we can have a creative and engaging way to work together to produce something unique and explore various concepts.

Feel free to provide a starting point or let me know what you'd like to create, and we can begin the journey together!

Silver Package

This introductory life coaching package offers a foundational curriculum designed to kickstart your personal development journey.

Gold Package

This advanced life coaching package offers an expanded and nuanced curriculum to elevate your personal development journey.

Platinum Package

This is a masters life coaching package that offers a comprehensive and sophisticated curriculum that goes beyond the basics, offering a transformative journey for personal and professional growth.

Get to Know Yourself

This self-discovery course is tailored to help individuals embark on a journey of understanding themselves on a deeper level. Through introspective exercises, participants will explore their values, strengths, and personal motivations. The course provides tools for effective self-reflection, helping individuals identify and break through limiting beliefs. With modules focusing on personality assessments, goal-setting, and creating a vision for the future, participants will gain clarity on their aspirations and purpose. This course serves as a guide for those seeking to cultivate self-awareness, enhance decision-making, and ultimately lead a more fulfilling and authentic life.