Welcome! Jasmine Jennette, at your service.

My name is Jasmine Jennette, founder, certified life coach, wife, & mother.

I created Breathe Easy as a place where women can feel empowered to enhance themselves & relationships through building an identity rooted in strong communication & confidence within itself.

As a giver at heart, I thrive on creating & maintaining meaningful connections. Growing my roles as a wife, mother, friend, & certified advocate reflect my beliefs that healthy relationships are the cornerstone for a more fulfilling life. Beyond that, I am an outgoing, passionate, & open-minded spirit who finds joy in encouraging & supporting others reach the unique goals they have set for themselves.

Together we can build authentic relationships with intentionality, but with far less stress than originally seemed possible. Let's feel inspired to grow ourselves & our interactions with others so that maintaining all the relationships life has to offer feels as easy as breathing.

Let's navigate this journey together!

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